The Future Has Your Name On It


The Future Has Your Name On It! The campaign for Emerson College Los Angeles. It is a multi-year effort to secure $20 million in private support from individual donors, foundations, and corporations. Reaching this goal will require the most ambitious fundraising effort in our history—one that will touch and transform every aspect of the College.

We call upon the thousands of alumni, faculty, staff, community members, parents, and friends who share our vision and are eager to help Emerson College fulfill its potential.

It is your chance to give back. As an Alumna/Alumnus, Parent or Friend you can etch your name on the bricks, glass and stone, which will define this building as our home in LA.

Believe in The Future Has Your Name On It! Believe in Emerson College.

No matter your level of personal philanthropy this campaign has a place that best fits your needs. Every dollar counts. Named spaces begin at a $10,000 commitment and are fulfilled with a 5 year pledge.  All gifts under $10,000 will be recognized on the Emerson College Los Angeles honor roll.

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